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想請問Maybelline ge Great Lash Mascara好用ma?

想請問Maybelline ge Great Lash Mascara好用ma?


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    It depands on what outcome u want~

    If u wanna more volume/thickening,, I don't think it is a good choice~I recommand Lancome 3D Mascara.

    If u wanna long and long-lasting (water-proof),, Fasio is the good choice.

    But if your eyeslashes (睫毛) are not long and thick enough, great lash can help u to thicken the "thin" eyelashes. It is specially designed for ladies who have got thin eyelashes.

    But if u wanna have eyelashes like a doll, Maybelline XXXL, Lancome 3D, Kiss me are the best brands. (But Maybelline XXXL is not water-proof enough)

    *Sorry that I cannot type Chinese for u.Hope u understnad what I mean.^^"""

    If u have questions, pls. feel free to ask me again^^

    資料來源: my experience~