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proposal for a new video game

I don't know how to make a proposal, please help me!

My proposal talks about a new video game.

The proposal should have these things and write about 250 words:


2)Type of game and rationale

3)Storyline and main character, rationale

4)supporting characters, rationale

5)Target market

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    You can think of any game, let's say a car racing game as an example:


    can be creative and attractive

    ~ ie Cool Car

    2)Type of game and rationale

    ~ then describe the video game

    maybe there are a few games available:+ rationale

    --> car racing competition(car,motor cycle)==> win the competition

    --> car designing==> develop creativity and mechanic knowledge

    --> run a car company etc==> learn how to do a business

    3)Storyline and main character, rationale

    --> assuming you are a normal guy or girl and hope to try out sth extraordinary and you are a car lover and wish to do sth related to cars

    --> main character: can choose among various characters: kind,brave,strong, weak....

    rationale: develop one's character through the game

    4)supporting characters, rationale

    --> friends competing with you

    --> bad guys

    --> parents,girl friends etc

    rationale:establish good relations with people

    5)Target market

    --> any you want: teenagers, adults...

    hope it'll be useful to you~

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