GP analysis

在會計學上 GP analysis 是什麼意思, 有什麼需要做呢?

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    GP means gross profit, which is the profit we earn before we take off any administration costs, selling costs and so on.

    So gross profit = turnover - cost of goods sold.

    You can calculation gross profit margin (i.e. gross profit / turnover) to analyze your business. The gross profit margin ratio tells us the profit a business makes on its cost of sales, or cost of goods sold. It is a very simple idea and it tells us how much gross profit per £1 of turnover our business is earning.

    You can analyze your sales and gross profit by product, customer, salesperson or any combination of the three. Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie in order to properly plan for the future and implement effective pricing strategies.

    Get up-to-the-second feedback on your daily transactions, including sales, returns, profits, etc.

    Review potential margin problems on an exception basis

    Spot check invoices for gross margin opportunities

    Recognize areas which are most profitable, and those that need improvement

    Separate direct shipments and special order sales from stock so margins aren't distorted

    Each of the 100 major categories can contain up to 100 minor categories

    Maintain all sales tax information by delivery area, store location and consolidation totals

    Manage your business more efficiently with exception reports, such as:

    - Gross Profit Exception

    - Open Order Report

    - Open Quote Report

    Break out booked and assigned sales

    Make informed buying decisions on seasonal items

    View a daily recap of cash and charge sales by salesperson, along with detailed sales information

    Automatically flag low margin sales

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    GP means gross profit, analyzing the relation betweetn gross profit and sales