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Adjective + preposition.........???




sorry <b>about</b> good <b>at</b> different <b>from</b>

fond <b>of</b>呢d類似既字咁啦~


即係increase <b>in</b>,interest <b>in</b>

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    dressed in 穿上

    remind sb. of sth.憶起

    remind sb. about sth. 提

    abide by 服從

    be accustomed to = be used to 習慣

    account for 解釋

    be acquainted with = be familiar with 熟悉

    adapt to = adjust to 適應

    agree with 同意

    apply for 申請

    aim at 目標為

    carry on 繼續

    congratulate on 恭喜

    call back 回電話

    call up 給...打電話

    come across 遇見sb.

    come up with = think of 想出

    cling to 緊抱

    compare with 比較

    confess to 承認

    consist of 由...組成

    convict of 定罪

    dispose of 處理,棄置

    do with 想要

    be fed up with 極度厭惡

    fall behind 落後

    fall in love with 愛上sb.

    fall to 開始做sth.

    dismiss from 解僱

    drop in 順路訪問

    eliminate from 去除

    be engaged in 參與

    exchange for 交換

    get rid of 擺脫

    keep an eye on 注意

    go along with 贊同

    go under 破產

    keep down 鎮壓

    keep up with 跟得上

    fit for 適合

    heal of 治癒

    make up 作

    make a joke about sb. = make a fool of sb. = play a trick on sb. 愚弄sb.

    make up to 討好

    face up to 面對

    feel like 想做sth.

    figure out 明白

    hang on to 不變

    interfere with 妨礙

    interfere in 干涉

    lay out 設計

    live up to 達到

    put up with 忍耐

    run along 離開

    persist in 堅持