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Study in Australia

My gal is year 11 in Aus. She would like to be a vet-but I am concern about it. It seems the market for vet is saturated. She is taking - English (ESL), Maths (3 units), Phy, Chem, Bio and Business Studies.Most probably, she will choose Sydney U or UNSW - Can anybody tell me which subjects are those 2 uni good at?? She takes ESL - does it limit her choice of subjects when applying uni?? Her business studies teacher suggests her to focus on it as she is very good on it. Any suggestions?

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  • 1 十年前

    Studying vet in sydney U will be a very nice choice, but to be honest, its reali hard to get in. It would probably be easier if she's an internation student or a domestic student who is willing to pay internation student's fee. for courses, to graduate in sudney U is reali hard. i know someone who's doing vet in this uni and she said the school kick students out every year, so you gotta work hard, which i know your daughter will.^^

    Australians tend not to choose UNSW as there are too many oversea students in school grounds. Medicine in UNSW is quite a popular choice. otherwise, all courses in this uni are quite good, they have quite high reputation in Asian Countries... yeh, asian countries but not in australia itself.

    since your daughter is studying ESL english, it would be realli great if she could change back to 4 units english or to take IELTS, just in case~