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senior merchandiser起薪點?

o係merch field做左3年多. 依家係merch. 月薪13,000. Manager話想promote我做senior merchandiser, 會調整人工. 應該會有幾多錢左右呢??

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    it is depends on yr experience........if your manager promote you to be a senior merchandiser,i think you should thinking about below questions:

    1)do you know how to arrange work load with your assistant???(i try before.....i was a merchandiser and i hv merchandising clerk to help me sending sample/parcel arrangement...however,she feel her working performance is better than me,she do not want to under my post she always said something let me sad / down think to hurt me.............)also,leadership is MUST,otherwise,your assistant will so confuse and don't know how to follow yr instruction!

    2)do you hv enough ability to slove / facing problem???

    3)can you well control your emotion if you meet something is not fair to you???also,can you decide/thinking one thing quickly??

    4)are you well orangize??for example,when you want to explain something to buyer,do you know how to orangize your points?your suggestions?

    5)good relationship with all relative department(if you are working in a big company about 150people)

    for examples:

    -when you send the parcel to buyer by DHL,you hv to apply the license with shipping dept.

    -when yr buyer request some new accesories,you hv to ask the purchaser to source the trims or communicate with trims supplier for sourcing.

    -when the stitch on the sample is broken,you hv to ask sewing lady help you to repair / re- sewing the garment.

    -when you need the sample yardage fm company warehouse,you hv to issue warehouse form and then pass to your senior for approval,afterthat,you can go to warehouse to ask them help to cut the fabric to you (such as few yards)

    6)how to release your working pressure?if you become a senior post,you will get much pressure from management level such as merchandising manager/buyer......

    i hope above points can be helpful for you!

    資料來源: my experience