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finance manager同marketing manager係要做d咩野架?


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  • Mick
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Finance Manager

    Job purpose:

    Provide all aspects of financial services to the company

    Job duties:

    1. Manage financial accounting

    2. Manage new revenue generating projects

    3. Prepare management reports and financial analysis

    4. Assist in the business process review and prepare relevant documentation

    5. Provide support to budget holders

    6. Facilitate the implementation of financial systems and internal control systems and manage the changes to processes and procedures as required

    Marketing Manager

    Job purpose:

    Plan and execute all marketing and promotion activities for the company

    Job duties:

    1. Plan and develop a strong network in the industry

    2. Maintain the company's website and ensure all contents are up-to-date

    3. Provide input and support to the production of the company's newsletters, video and other publicity materials

    4. Liaise with media and external organisations

    5. Co-ordinate visits from media, academic institutions and other external organisations

    6. Manage the databases of media contacts and professional contacts

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