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急求"wayside school is falling down"的故事內容簡介

wayside school is falling down 係一本英文書, 入面有30個部分


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1. a package for mrs.jewls

2. mark miller

3. bebe's bady brother

4. homework

5. another story about socks

6. pigtails

7. freedom

8. the best part

9. mush

10. music

更新 2:

11. kathy

12. pencils

13. a giggle box, a leaky faucet, and a foghorn

14. calvin's big decision

15. she's back!

16. love and a dead rat

17. what?

18. the substitute

19. a bad case of the sillies

19. a wonderful teacher

19. forever is never

20, 21, & 22.

Eric, Eric, & Eric

更新 3:

23. teeth

24. another story about potatoes

25. a story about potatoes

26. the mean mrs.jewls

27. lost and found

28. valooosh

29. the lost ear

30. wayside school is falling down

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  • 1 十年前

    A hilarious children's book by Louis Sachar. He writes about the students at Wayside School, a thirty-story elementary school, and their odd behavior. The chapters (which are individual stories) of this book and their summaries:

    1. A Package for Mrs. Jewls - Louis (the yard teacher) delivers a large and heavy package all the way up the thirty stories to Mrs. Jewls' classroom. He watches her unpack the box and sees that it is a computer. She tells Louis that the computer will help the students learn, and he sets it up on the desk. She pushs it out the window and it plummets to the ground, several hundred feet below. This is gravity.

    2. Mark Miller - A new student named Benjamin Nushmutt, from Hempleton, joins the class. Mrs. Jewls is under the impression that his name is Mark Miller and that he has moved here from Magadonia. While he hesitates upon her calling him Mark, he just complies passively and grows used to it.

    3. Bebe's Baby Brother - Bebe writes insulting comments towards Mrs. Jewls on the back of her homework and blames it on her baby brother, who doesn't even exist, Ray. To teach Ray a lesson, Mrs. Jewls gives Bebe an A+ and a Tootsie Roll pop.

    4. Homework - Mac shares a story about the time he lost his sock in the refrigerator. He tells a new story in every subject and because he takes up all class time, Mrs. Jewls has to assign homework. No one understands why.

    5. Another Story About Socks - Sharie brings in a hobo for show-and-tell. When asked why he doesn't wear socks, he tells everyone that Albert Einstein didn't wear socks. Everyone in the class takes their socks off right before a test.

    6. Pigtails - While enamoured by Leslie's pigtails, Paul falls out the window and is hanging by a brick 30 floors above the ground. He has to grab Leslie's pigtails to be saved.

    7. Freedom - Myron observes a bird outside the window, and thinks about how his desk is like a cage, and how the bird must see him in his desk and think that he is caged, and the bird is free. So one day, he walks down into the basement where he is discovered by bald men with attaché cases, asking him whether he would like freedom or safety. He chooses freedom, but ends up going back to class.

    8. The Best Part - Todd brings in a plastic toy dog that woos Mrs. Jewls and keeps him out of trouble. He keeps trying to show everyone "the best part" but something always happens before he can. Joy grows jealous of Todd and decides to steal it. As she is, and Todd is at the blackboard, the toy dog bites Joy.

    9. Mush - Ron eats Mrs. Mush's Mushroom Surprise. No one except for Louis has ever tried it before, and everyone wants to know what the surprise is. It turns out that it makes you fall in love with the first person you see.. and then kiss them. So as he is eating a bite.. Mrs. Jewls approaches him...

    10. Music - Benjamin Nushmutt decides to tell everyone his real name during music class, but no one hears him.

    11. Kathy and D.J. - D.J. is sad because he has lost his watch. Kathy tries to make him feel worse, only somehow she makes him feel better.

    12. Pencils - Jason keeps on chewing on other people's pencils, so Mrs. Jewls tapes his mouth shut.

    13. A Gigglebox, a Leaky Faucet, and a Foghorn - Dana laughs and cries inappropriately during the telling of stories, and John makes fun of her. When Mrs. Jewls tells her that she loves stories, after Dana went off on a tangent about how she hates them, she fears that she may love John as well then.

    14. Calvin's Big Decision - Calvin gets to get a tattoo for his birthday and has to decide what and where. He ends up getting a tattoo of a potato on his ankle.

    15. She's Back! - Deedee thinks she sees Mrs. Gorf, her old evil teacher, while hanging from the monkey bars.

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