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  • 1 十年前


    raise the rate of recycling and reusing materials

    increase the energy efficiency

    develop renewable energy resources to replace non-renewable fossil fuels

    shift the focus to green technology, abandon economic development strategies which are pursued at the expense of the natural environment

    protect wild animals and plants/ conserve the natural environment, set up sites and and explore more ways of conservation

    develop related research on environmental science, humanities and social studies, to build the foundations for formulating policies

    boost environmental education, widen the scope to all walks of life, and different age groups, to create a compromise in sustainable development

    everyone develops environmental awareness, from saving a plastic bag to participate in election campaigns. Invest and finance properly, formulate policies, be prepared to put the environment on the top of the priority list

    2007-04-23 01:01:22 補充:

    sorry, something wrong:everyone develops environmental awareness, from saving a plastic bag to *participatING in election campaigns

    資料來源: myself and geog bks
  • 1 十年前

    archery target recycling and circulation use. * Increase energy use efficiency. * Development substitution fossil fuel substitution energy. * The shift green science and technology, gives up take sacrifice thenatural environment as the method economical development strategy. * Care zoology and botany, establishment care space and circuit. * Strengthens the correlation the natural sciences and the humanities,the social sciences research, takes the making policy the foundation. * Strengthens the environment education, promotes all the varioustrades and occupations, various ages level, forms the sustainablemanagement the mutual recognition. * Each person has the environmental protection consciousness, slightlyto little uses to model the plastic bag, greatly to the votingelection, the investment manages finances, the policy making, as is asnecessary heavy take the environment.

    資料來源: me