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2. The lengths of mercury thread in the uniform tube above the bulb of a mercury thermometer are:

30mm when the bulb is melting ice; 180mm when the bulb is in the steam above boiling water; 12mm when the bulb is in a liquid, what is the temperature of the liquid?


B.-12 oC

C.6.7 oC

D.8.0 oC

How to know the answer?

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  • 1 十年前

    Length of mercury thread changes in direct proportion to the liquid temperature.

    Melting Ice = 0 deg C

    Steam = 100 deg C

    Let y be the temperature of the liquid:

    (y-0)/(100-0)= (12-30)/(180-30)

    therefore y = -12 deg C or Answer is B

  • 1 十年前

    By the fact that the expansion of mercury is linear with temperature, we have:

    Length of mercury thread at 0°C = 30 mm

    Length of mercury thread at 100°C = 180 mm

    So the temperature θ (in °C), for a given length of thread L, are related by:

    L = 30 + θ × (180 - 30)/100

    So when L = 12, we have:

    12 = 30 + θ × 150/100

    θ = -12

    Hence the temperature is -12°C.

    Answer = B

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