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    1 十年前

    Tsui Po Ko (Chinese: 徐步高) was a former police constable who has served the Hong Kong Police Force for 13 years, leading up to his death in 2006.[citation needed] His life and death is an object of great interest in Hong Kong.

    Tsui is suspected of murdering officer Leung Shing-yan (Chinese: 梁成恩) and stealing his revolver in March 2001.[citation needed] Later that year, he is suspected of the armed bank robbery of a Hang Seng Bank branch, in which a Pakistani security guard, Zafar Iqbal Khan was killed.[citation needed] The robbery is attributed to Tsui, based on observed similarities between the perpetrator as captured on CCTV, and the constable himself, in particular a red T-shirt, Mizuno brand shoes and left-handedness.[citation needed]

    He is also suspected of ambushing two police officers in a Tsim Sha Tsui pedestrian subway, triggering a shootout on 17 March 2006, which left one officer, Constable Tsang Kwok-hang and himself dead, and another seriously wounded.[citation needed] The motives and details of these incidents are still unclear and being investigated.[citation needed]

    The Tsing Yi Police Station in which he served removed most of their mirrors apart from in the bathroom after officers, including British officers, claim to have seen an image next to them in the mirror, but nobody was actually there. This was to pacify the startled staff.[citation needed]

    A coroner's inquest into the deaths of the deceased persons (including Tsui) is currently taking place in Hong Kong and is expected to last 37 days from 26 February 2007.[citation needed]

    [edit] Only one missing gun linking up three cases?

    On 23 March 2007 (19th day of the inquest), Ballistics expert Jeffery Lloyd Chow, 48, said tests were inconclusive on whether the revolver was linked to the killing of Leung in March 2001 and the bank robbery in Tsuen Wan in December that year. The grooves displayed by the bullets fired from the rusty retrieved gun were different to the ones found on the bullets discovered in the 2001 incidents, he said. A rusty barrel may create additional pattern on the grooves.[citation needed]

    Left handed / right handed issue

    Godfrey Lee Kai-fai, a specialist in gunshot residue, said the residue found on Tsui's left hand could not be used to support the allegation that he had shot with his left hand. Gunshot residue can be found on a person's hand when he fires with the hand, the hand was within a short distance from the gun, or it has contacted something contaminated by gunshot residue, he said. It was only a possibility that he did open fire with his left hand.[citation needed]

    So it was only a possibility that he did open fire with his left hand.

    Question concerning Bullet residues stuck out from the crime scene

    Mr Chow, who examined the underpass after the shoot-out took place, said it was quite unlikely for bullet remains found some distance from the scene to have been accidentally moved to the locations where they were found.[citation needed]

    Constable Chan Wai-leung told the inquest earlier that two bullet jacket and bullet fragments were found inside the underpass, at least 36 metres and 75 metres from the actual scene, and he speculated they might have been kicked there by people attending the scene.[citation needed]

    But Mr Chow said: The platform where the shoot-out took place stuck out from the underpass. It would have been rather difficult for the bullets to get out from it.[citation needed]

    As the inquiry continued, Tsui was found to be an ambitious officer who often topped his class and did well in assessment tests. However, he was often denied promotions or opportunities to join elite units, such as the Airport Security Unit.[1]