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Intracellular enzymes

Please give an example of intracellular enzymes.

Thank you very much!

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    Intracellualr enzymes are:

    those enzymes catalyse or analyse their products insides the cells of an organism, paricularly associated with the metabolism of the organism.

    eg.1. hydrolytic enzyme in vesicles of cell ---- lysosome

    It breakdowns & "digests" food particles/ unused damaged cell organelle.It can be found in phagocytes (neutrophils/ PMN) particular distinctively.

    eg.2 lactic dehydrogenase in muscle cells of humans

    It helps in the reduction of pyruvic acid produce in glycolysis to lactic acid by NADH during anaerobic respiration.

    and don't be confused with other enzymes inside the body of an organism:

    eg digestive enzymes in the alimentary canal of humans,

    1.amylase --- found in the mouth, catalyse the breakdown of starch into maltose molecules

    2.maltase --- found in the small intestine , catalyse 1 maltose molecule into 2 glucose molecules.

    3.peptidase --- also in small intestine, breakdown polypeptides (protein) into peptides

    4.nuclease --- also in small intestine, breakdown nuclei acids

    5.lipase --- also in small intestine, breakdown lipid (fats) into fatty acids and glycerol

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