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Top Five Things That You Vaule

I need a page essay of the top five thing/people/etc that you value, and whether they are truly top priorities in your life right now. If they are, why do you think this happened? I need this by next week. Please give me some help. Thank you very much. (English Please)

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    There are many things within my life that I value very much. Of all the many things that I value in my life there are five major things, those are my family, friends, education, money, and time. Above all of the things that I value, my family is the first on my list, yet not the highest priority.

    Are all things that one has in life as values really their top priorities within one’s life? Well most things that people value within life are somewhere on the top priorities to have/do in life. To me my family and friends is truly the number one value I have, but not my top priority; my top priority of my top five would actually have to be that of my education, my reasoning for that is because I feel that my education is what is going to get me further in life, not my family. Time and money are two other things that I find to be one of my top priorities, to consume/use them in the right way/order.

    The reason that I find that my family is at the top of my value list and at the bottom of my priorities list is because, to have something as a high value to yourself does not mean that it has to be of the highest priority in life. My family is not going to further me in my life, they will support me but I have to make myself do what needs to be done, in the end it’s all depends on the choices that I make not my family. Time, money, and education are all things that I have to choose whether or not to use them and how to use them. One should never become dependant on anything and people actually tend to be very dependant on friends and family, yes I do value them but they are not my priority, everyone has to have priority of one’s own self.

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    health- if you do not have good health, you will not be able to do/enjoy things in your life.

    friendship- from time to time, you will need somebody to share your thought and feeling. Friends will be able to support or help you in certain situations.

    Families- They are the ones that are close to you, support you no matter how terrible a person that you are. They are the ones truly care for you without ask for any reward

    Education- With it, you are able to improve yourself, a person with high educations not only can get more reward from the real world, but also able to better understand yourself

    Money- It has a very real value in life. As the old saying, money cannot buying everything, but it can ease a lots of problem in this world.

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    They are health. love, friendship, wealth, respect