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The difference in usage for these words

-glamorous , charming , fascinating

- attain , obtain , acquire

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    -glamorous , charming , fascinating ==>都是迷人的意思


    像中島美嘉的glamorous sky, fascinating idea

    charming 形容人為主,像you are so charming

    - attain , obtain , acquire ==>都是取得的意思

    attain 是指達到某一 level,像attain the sales target

    obtain 指獲得一種東西,像obtain a master degree

    acquire有學習的意味,像acquire knowledge


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    1) We usually use "glamorous" and "charming" to describe a person, for example a charming lady or she looks glamorous today. Yet "fascinating " is an adjective in which we often use to describe buildings or view(風景).

    2) The word "obtain" is commonly used to mean "to get something concrete". For example, "We could finally obtain this AWARD after putting so much effort on our project." The word "attain".......we use this word to mean something like "to reach or to achieve", that is we attain fame , glory, or aim<---- all these are not concrete objects. Like above, "award" is an object which we "obtain"

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