Black key etude

What is the piano grade of Chopin "Black key etude" Thanks . Is it difficult?


To be honest, I passed Grade 8 two years ago and I am playing this etude right now. The mark of my Grade 8 exam was 116. I practise this etude now because this etude seems to be almost the easiest etude in the whole book.

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However, I never play all the notes correctly and smoothly with speed required. Especially the last part, I need to slower the speed in order to play every note correctly. Am I suitable to continue practising this piece?

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  • hl_so
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    1 十年前

    Yes, it is not an easy piece (and if you are adventurous enough, try Godowsky versions - they are 10 times harder). No one here knows your level, so the best way is to read through the étude yourself and decide if you can spend the time and energy to practice it. I wouldn't say it's the hardest étude in the whole book, but it does take a bit of practice.

    Editor's note:

    This question, and the answer above me, is completely meaningless - please excuse my bluntness. How do you judge the "piano grade" of a piece? I have seen kids way before a "diploma" level play this, and I have seen local pianists way past "diploma" level who can't play this.

    If a piece can be rated purely by "piano grade", that means the highest possible "grade" is FRSM. The current syllabus of FRSM calls for Beethoven Op. 101, 109, etc, but no Op. 106, or all the late Prokofiev sonatas, but no Scriabin, neither do I see ultra-difficult sonatas like the Medtner's "Night Wind" or transcriptions like the Godowsky "Triana" - so where do those pieces fit in? Beyond FRSM or below it? Let's say they are beyond FRSM - what if I play them in the FRSM exams - will I get a sure pass (yeah, I can play pieces harder than the grade), or if I pick a dainty little Mozart sonata (which is way below a FRSM grade) it would be frowned upon? The "piano grade" deals with the requirements of the level/grade, not chiefly the difficulty of the piece. The Black Key étude, if played for a Diploma exam, will be judged according to your technical efficiency, and if played for your FRSM, it will be judged based on your technical, musical, even hermeneutical depths. A piece of music can be played anytime, anywhere, any level; it's how well you demand it to be played that's relevant to the "grade".

    I apologize for my blatant rant. Just trying to make a point.

  • 1 十年前

    It is in the syllabus of LRSM, but I think this etude is a bit lower than that level but higher than DipABRSM or ATCL. So I think it's in between the 2, but closer to LRSM

    And the level of LRSM equals to a graduate of music in University. So, is it difficult? That's depend on your skills. Normally, after ATCL and practice for several months, you can handle this piece.

    2007-04-21 15:42:15 補充:

    No. I think you cannot manage this piece properly, and you need more practice in your technique first. Playing this piece at this stage will only let the piece become more messy, and that is not good for you. The more you play, the more mistakes are.