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Working in Ibank

I wonder is it impossible for a engineering student to work in ibank no matter in which department? My gpa is not high and I aim to get a 2nd up hon before i grad in Poly..U... What do I have to prepare right now? Can exchange one semester in other country help? Do I have to start study CFA? I have year 2 right now.

I always would like to meet some top people, if you work in ibank, would you mind send me a message and let me add you in my MSN so that I can ask more about it? Thanks!


Is the competition of getting an internship in ibank is really high? Like JPmorganm, goldman...etc...

Is it possible to apply the internship but not via my school

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    1 十年前

    First of all you will need to know why you want to work for an i-bank. Is it money? Is it lifestyle (which is going to be really bad in the beginning). You have to a very convincing reason to let recruiters know.

    Getting your CFA done would help, at least it shows that you are committed. However you would need to be completely fluent in Chinese, English both read and write.

    My suggestions is that have your eyes set on getting into a commercial bank's (Citibank/HSBC) investment/private banking department, then move your way to ibank. It is extremely hard to get into i banks and as far as I know, only a few each year out of all of HK graduates get into i-banks like Goldman or Morgan Stanley.

    資料來源: My experience dealing with ibankers