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莎士比亞既《The Tempest》係講咩..(10點)

莎士比亞既《The Tempest》係講咩..







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    《暴風雨》是莎士比亞全集初版第一對開本裡的第一齣喜劇。此劇完成於1611年,同年11月在白廳(White Hall)於詹姆士國王御前演出。1613年,莎士比亞的劇團再度受命演出此劇,以慶祝國王的女兒伊莉莎白與斐卓立克成婚。這個劇本載歌載舞,戲劇效果佳,極適合在婚宴上演出。


    The sorcerer Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda, have been stranded for twelve years on an island, after Prospero's jealous brother Antonio—helped by Alonso, the King of Naples—deposed him and set him adrift with the three-year-old Miranda. Prospero secretly sought the help of Gonzalo and their small and shoddy boat had secretly been upgraded to be more than sea worthy, it had been supplied with plenty of food and water, it had an excellent library and contained surviving material in case the boat capsized. Possessed of magic powers due to his great learning and prodigious library, Prospero is reluctantly served by a spirit, Ariel whom he had rescued from imprisonment in a tree. Ariel was trapped therein by the African witch Sycorax, who had been exiled to the island years before and died prior to Prospero's arrival; Prospero maintains Ariel's loyalty by repeatedly promising to release the "airy spirit" from servitude, but continually defers that promise to a future date, namely at the end of the play. The witch's son Caliban, a deformed monster and the only non-spiritual inhabitant before the arrival of Prospero, was initially adopted and raised by the Milanese sorcerer. He taught Prospero how to survive on the island, while Prospero and Miranda taught Caliban religion and their own language. Following Caliban's attempted rape of Miranda, he had been compelled by Prospero to serve as the sorcerer's slave, carrying wood and gathering pig nuts. In slavery Caliban has come to view Prospero as a usurper, and grown to resent both the magus and his daughter for what he believed to be their betrayal of his trust; Prospero and Miranda in turn view Caliban with contempt and disgust.


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    The Tempest begins on a ship foundering at sea. The rest of the action takes place on an island. Strong evidence suggests that the island Shakespeare had in mind was a fictionalized Mediterranean version of an island in the Bermudas. Published reports about the Bermudas in Shakespeare's time included an account of the Wreck of the Sea Venture in the Bermudas in 1609; A Discovery of the Bermudas (1610), by Sylvester Jourdain; A True Repertory of the Wracke and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates upon and from the Islands of the Bermudas (written in 1610 and published in 1625), by William Strachey. The Spanish navigator Juan Bermúdez is credited with discovery of the Bermuda Islands, and they first appeared on Spanish maps in 1511.

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    Prospero: Rightful Duke of Milan. With his daughter, he had been set adrift by his evil brother to die, but provisions provided secretly by his friend Gonzalo enable him and his daughter to reach a mysterious island. There, Prospero practices magic and rules the island and its inhabitants for 12 years. When a ship carrying his brother and other high officials of Naples–including the king–sails a course near the island, Prospero conjures a powerful tempest that blows the ship to his island.

    Antonio: Prospero's brother. He illegally seized Prospero's dukedom. After the tempest drives the ship carrying him and Alonso, the King of Naples, to Prospero's island, Antonio conspires against the king.

    conspired against Prospero to who is the usurping Duke of Milan.

    Miranda: Fifteen-year-old daughter of Prospero. She has lived with her father on his island since she was three years old and has never seen a man except for her father and the half-human Caliban. The name Miranda is derived from the Latin word mirandus, meaning wonderful, strange, and admired.

    Alonso: King of Naples. He helped Antonio oust Prospero as Duke of Milan. However, after arriving at Prospero's island, he exhibits genuine remorse for his reprehensible treatment of Prospero.

    Sebastian: Brother of the king.

    Ferdinand: Son of the King of Naples.

    Gonzalo: Honest old counselor and friend of Prospero.

    Ariel: Spirit of the air on the magical island who serves Prospero. Ariel first served a witch, Sycorax, who imprisoned him in a recess of a pine tree after he refused to do her bidding. He remained there to suffer great torment for twelve years, during which time Sycorax died. Upon his arrival on the island, Prospero freed Ariel but bound the sprite to his service. Ariel possesses protean power, enabling him to alter his appearance instantly. He can also travel to any part of the island in a split-second.

    Adrian, Francisco: Lords.

    Trinculo: Jester.

    Stephano: Drunken butler.

    Caliban: Savage half-man who serves as a slave on Prospero's island. He is the son of a witch, Sycorax. Caliban believes he is the rightful ruler of Prospero's island, having inherited it from his mother.

    Iris, Ceres, Juno: Goddesses presented by the spirits. In classical mythology, Iris was a messenger goddess and goddess of the rainbow. Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, and Juno was the queen of the gods.

    Nymphs, Reapers: Dancers

    Master of the Ship