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英文自我介紹 ...

interview .. 英文自我介紹 ... ... 內容我可 介紹d咩 ???

thx ar... 邊個可以幫一幫我~~

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    1 十年前

    If you have an introduction of yourself, better to use simple English instead of complicated. Through your presentation, they will ask you question and you should take care of those question. If you donot answer well properly you will be fail.


    My name is Tabo. I have worked for two years as clerk. I can speak English and Mandarin. My work needs me to use computer and know words/excel and photoshop.(Perhaps they will ask about your previous job is different experience to your applied one). My family ( you can talk about your family member) like to travel to different place. As I were young, I like to have job related to tourism.

    The job of tourist consultant( Perhaps they will ask what will be your job.) is what I am looking for and through it I hope to help tourist to know about my country.


    Besides you should have smile face all the time, though you cannot reply well of their question.

    If you cannot reply well, you still need to reply *Sorry! I donot know*.

    If they finish, you should say * Thanks for your time to interview me and I hope I can have your second in again*

    If they said *Thanks you*, You should said* Welcome * or * My pleasure*

    This can help you gain lot of Marks at last. Most people will not say this.

  • 1 十年前

    I am chan tai man, 19 years old , I finished form 5 at xxx school. I am good at chinese, english typing and general computer application. I have 1 year clerk and 6 months tele-sales experience. I am optimistic and out-going and I am very interested in this role.I believe my experience is an advantage to this post.

    資料來源: Used to work at an employment agency
  • 你開頭可以講

    i am going to tell you about myself .

    你是咪升中學架是就..講下你幾歲同你屋企同屋企人仲有佢地的職業 , 佢地平時是屋企點樣對你(最好講呀媽)咁都差唔多3分鐘架喇


    this is the end of my talking.


  • 1 十年前

    你個名?(my name is ...)

    你幾多age?(i am ... years old)

    你ga hobby?(my hobby is ...)