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【懸樑】故事主人翁﹕漢朝 孫敬


【刺股】故事主人翁﹕戰國 蘇秦


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    [ Commits suicide by hanging from a beam ] story host ﹕ Han Dynasty Sun Chingsun respects young when already works vigorously to study, does not divide day and night studies, in order to prevent oneself studies when rests, he uses the string to tie up the hair in on family's crossbeam, if exhaustedly studies but lowly to come, that hangs on Liang's hair can pull the scalp, can the pain awake, then continues to study assiduously. Finally, he really studies assiduously has. [ Punctures stock ] story host ﹕ Warring States Su Ch'insu the Qin to gather the vertical continually horizontal technique in the clever millet hanger-on study, completed study Houte Qin Kuo to solicit support, but has not been used, moreover the wealth all dispersed, only has is down and out goes home, the family member which was pitiful therefore looked down upon him, thereupon he vigorous studied assiduously, reads tiredly has hit sleepily, took an awl to puncture own thigh, expelled sleepiness, also continued to study assiduously. Finally, gathers (union meaning) he to the various countries' solicit feudal lord to resist the Qin country vertical, until the body hangs six countries to print becomes world-famous.

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  • keith
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    Hanging his hair on the beam

    Sun Jing of Han Dynasty

    Since he was young, Sun Jing had studied very hard, working day and night. To keep himself from falling asleep, he hanged his hair on the beam of his house. In case his head dropped as he tired, the hair tied to the beam would pull his skin hard and give him a sobering pain so that he could carry on working. His efforts bore fruit at last.

    Stabs on his thighs

    Su Qin of the Warring States Period

    Having finished his schooling under Gui Ju Zi for the art of political tactics (sorry, 真係唔知點譯合縱連橫), Su Qin went to Qin state to present his ideas. The trip was unsuccessful and cost him all he had. The penniless Qin returned home but was given the colder shoulders by his family. That made him work very hard on his studies. Whenever he dozed off, he would stab his thighs with an awl to spur himself on. Later, he travelled around and managed to persuaded all the six states, and was appointed the prime minister of them all, to ally against the Qin state.

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