Phy about work done 我唔要just copy and paste

我要both中&英ge explanation

1.What is work done??

2.have does work on something What does it actually mean?

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  • 1 十年前

    1) Work done mean the energy transferred in a given time. So it will be Joules per Second.

    Example of work done: John moved a box from A to B in 3 minutes. He used 1000 Joules of energy to do it. so Work done = 1000 Joules/Second.

    Incidentally Voltage is also "work done" by electricity also Joules per second.

    2) not understand your question?? have does work on something?....funny english...please check!

    But answer I think....: work done is how much energy you transfer to something. Energy is synonymous to Money....I give you $10, you get $10. Total transfer is me = -$10 and you = =$10.