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[生物] Nervous system 的幾個問題 20 分!

1. 可唔可以俾 D Autonomic nervous system 既例子我?

(我唔係好明 motor neuron not reach the target directly 呢句)

同埋 ANS 係咪直接 receive CNS's signal 而唔會經過 sensory neuron?

2. 內臟有冇 Sensory neuron 同 Motor neuron?

定係佢地淨係會起 CNS 入面搵到?

3. 只有 Axon 會釋放化學物越過 synapse, 咁 Dendrites 點樣傳送 signal?

佢傳送果陣時用咩方法越過 synapse?






Autonomic nervous system and sympathetic/parasympathetic system operates in the reverse of the other.

即係點樣 reverse?


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  • 1 十年前

    autonomic nervous system (ANS) (or visceral nervous system) is the part of the peripheral nervous system that controls homeostasis, that is the constancy of the content of tissues in gasses, ions and nutrients. It does so mostly by controlling cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory functions, but also salivation, perspiration, diameter of the pupils, micturition - (the discharge of urine), and erection. Many of the activities of the ANS are involuntary. However, breathing, for example, can be in part consciously controlled. Indeed, although breathing is a purely homeostatic function in aquatic vertebrates, in land vertebrates it accomplishes much more than oxygenating the blood: it is essential to sniff a prey or a flower, to blow a candle, to talk or sing. This example, among others, illustrates that the so-called “autonomic nervous system” is not truly autonomous. It is anatomically and functionally linked to the rest of the nervous system and a strict delineation is impossible.

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