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每個男人都希望成為風度翩翩、詩文大方的紳士,裇衫西褲亦最能表現出這種帥氣。可算是男裝中最有學問的一種服飾。它促使男人們開始重視塑造一個精明、幹練、瀟灑的現代形象, ,…..華麗與典雅圖案的裇衫配一條合適的西褲,讓男人更有男人味……關鍵點在於個人的風格……一件有個性,有特色的裇衫無疑是包裝男人最好的工具。





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    1.Every man if want to be a gentleman, gown and pants is the best to show off his stylish.

    Men's garment knowledge can talk to be the most trappings science.

    It's encourage man start to builld up the trendy image under a map of canniness, skilled and pizazz.Luxuriance and elegance pattern grown to combine with suitable pants show off their tasteThe most impartant point is the personal style

    A stylish and characteristic grown is no doubt be the best mens' make up tools.

    2.Each man hopes to become the handsome gentleman with in good taste poetic prose, the shirt Western-style trousers can demonstrate this kind of dashing most also. Can be regarded as a kind of dress that have knowledge most in the men's clothing. It impels the men to begin to pay attention to moulding a shrewd, capable, graceful modern image, , . Match a pair of suitable Western-style trousers with the shirt of the refined pattern magnificently, let men have man's flavor even more The key lies in the personal style One distinction of having, characteristic shirt to pack man best tool undoubtedly.