what is mk?

what is mk?

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    MK Culture is a commonly used term in Hong Kong, meaning the Culture in Mong Kok. It is a unique sociological culture of Hong Kong, brought out by the recent fashionable culture. Since Mong Kok is the main place selling lots of fashionable materials and the entertainment center in Hong Kong, it has become a meeting and dating spot of many materialistic teenagers. MK guys also refer to teenagers who often wander around Mong Kok. Generally speaking, boys are so called MK仔 while MK妹 for girls, which contain unfavorable sense, condemning them for not contributing to the society but being harmful to the community.

    [edit] Characteristics of MK guys



    Typical MK guys showing main signs of the culture

    Always in exotic, small sized costumes

    Slender figure

    Love tattoos


    Impetuous & queer characteristics

    Meaningless sentences, random gibberish and foul language mostly appear in conversation

    Often use short form of some words related to Mong Kok

    [edit] Sociological influence of MK guys

    As a frequently disdained group who want to gain respect in the society, MK guys act as a mirror reflecting some distorted value among the citizens. According to their bizarre behavior and outfit, MK guys are often considered queer. Being gradually quarantined in the community, MK guys become an isolated group, weakening the social cohesion. As a result some scholars treated MK guys as the black sheep of the society.

    [edit] The Anti-MK-ism

    In general, Hong Kong citizens with traditional values do not accept MK culture, while Anti-MK-ism became another extreme. Anti-MK-ist regard MK guys absolutely unacceptable. Any minor action of MK guys is considered a disgusting behavior to others by some drastic critics who strictly distinguish MK guys by means of Semiotics. For example, they deemed hair dyeing or wearing ear rings an absolutely unacceptable MK-Culture behavior. As a matter of fact, MK Culture and Antimkism are the result of clashes between the new and old social values, to which citizens should pay more attention to.