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Up late ?

What mean - up late?


I ask a client to return document within this month. He reply the email to me. The email only has ( up late?). I don't undrestand what meaning.

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  • ?
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    1 十年前

    What is meant by 'up late'?

    首先, 單單是 'up late' 二個字, 可以是 '遲起床', 亦可以是 '遲睡', 兩者是完全相反的。因此, 無論我們表示的是那一個意思, 都不會單說 'up late', 以免混淆。

    如果表示 '遲起床', 我們用 'get up late'。例如說 '他星期日不用上班, 往往很遲才起床', 英文是:He usually gets up late on Sunday because he doesn't have to work that day。同樣, 說 '早起床' 便是 'get up early'。

    如果表示 '遲睡', 應該用 'stay up late'。例如說 '你明天有測驗, 不要太遲睡', 英文是:There will be a test tomorrow, don't stay up too late。

    'get up' 和 'stay up' 都是 phrasal verb (片語動詞);學英語應多學習 phrasal verb。

    2007-04-12 18:57:41 補充:

    If 'up late?' is the reply your client gave you concerning business matters, it should have nothing to do with going to bed or getting out of bed. In this case, you should ask your client again for a clear and straightforward reply.

    2007-04-14 18:48:16 補充:

    Thanks to our Netfriend Ken who gave me a message reminding me of another possibility with 'up late' ----'turn up late'. 'Turn up' is also a phrasal verb meaning: (of a person) to arrive/ to appear (到達/ 出現), or (of an event) to happen (發生)

    2007-04-14 19:04:53 補充:

    'Turn up late' 可以解:某人遲了抵達某個場合 (例如 He turned up late for the meeting 他開會遲到了)。單憑你補充的資料不足以確定這個是否你想要的答案, 你和 client 間以前的通訊往來內容是否可以給你一些啟示?不能的話, 還是再問對方吧。

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  • 1 十年前

    Up late = 很遲起床

    資料來源: me
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  • KK
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    1 十年前

    up late = 留到很晚才睡覺

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