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    For Q1,

    蠕蟲 ( Worms ) is not defined as 佔用電腦空間的寄生蟲.

    Please read :

    For those 佔用電腦空間的寄生蟲, like virus,worm,trojan, adware... we can call it as malicious software (malware).

    To tackle malware, use security software such as Antivirus, anti-spyware etc. Firewall may also help blocking the invasion of some internet worms.

    There is only one security software that specialized in worm prevention and removal ( for PC) as far as I know.

    It is called WormGuard

    I have never tried it so that I cannot tell you whether it works.

    For Q.2,

    There is no such thing as 預知病毒來臨 but some firewall/ antivirus can terminate specific/all internet connection when they detect a threat.

    Software such as Siteadvisor can block/notify you some of the known malicious websites.

    Remember it is impossible to cover all the malicious websites in a blacklist.

    The conclusion is:

    Prevention is better than cure.

    Many computer worms spread through vulnerabilities, so it wise to install latest security patches from software vendors.

    e.g Perform Windows Update monthly:

    Other computer worms spread through e-mail, instant messaging network, file sharing networks.Do not open attachments sent by unknown person.

    Some worms like the infamous 熊貓燒香 also spread through hacked websites by using browser vulnerabilities.

    Always make sure your browser is up-to-date !

    you can use a Host Intrusion prevention system (HIPS) with other security software to protect your computer

    ( they are pretty effective ).

    Well known HIPS for PC include:

    Defensewall,Cyberhawk,ProcessGuard,BufferZone,Sandboxie,GreenBorder,PrevX etc.

    Some HIPS for PC are free.

    For more information about HIPS,

    please visit:

    You can visit my website for other security measures:

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    Try try can it help you la !!

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