Violinist - David Garrett 15點 (pearl廣告)

在Pearl廣告上看見它,, 我想知道更多它的資料~ (website,, photos)

還有,,它是不是會在香港表演?? thx alot =]

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  • 1 十年前

    Part Maverock,part genius,total virtuoso,David Garrett,25,has been surprising people since before he was four years old.It was then that his father gavehim a violin(he was having a tantrum because his older brother had a violin teacher)and,without any lessons,the toddier picked it up and began playing.Fast forward just four years and David was already one of the foremost violinists in the world working with the most celebrated teachers and performing solos woth legendary archestras and conductors.

    Working with the best teachers available in his native Germany,where his German father was a lawyer,his American mother a professional ballet dancer,David performed in front of an audience for the first time at the age of four.



    你可以上david 個website到搵到

    David Garrett官方網

    David會係16th april係海港城有1個mini concert.(19:30)

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