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  • 1 十年前

    School-voucher can be seen as another means of income distribution. The goal is to give parents a choice in their children’s education, base on the underlying assumption that only parents know what’s “THE BEST” for their children. Rather then cash subsidy, voucher can ensure parents use the resources ($$) in children’s education as it’s worthless for anything else.

    Another benefit of school-voucher is that it PROMOTES COMPETITION among schools. From Economics 101, we’ve learned that competition brings quality.

    I strongly support the school-voucher system, but NOT THE WAY HK GOVERNMENT PROPOSES IT. At most, their proposal can only serves the first objective (subsidy in education). By limiting its eligibility to the non-profit preschools that charge under $????? for tuition, it’s going to DISTOR the market competition.

    The beauty of the market economy lies within the competition. Every dollar is a vote on what’s good and what’s not. That means worse preschools will be “punished” by the market by having no students (income) and better preschools can earn a fair return if the education market is perfectly competitive. With the distortion, we will see worse preschools survives because they are NATUALLY PROTECTED BY THE SYSTEM, and better preschools drives out of business because they are NATUALLY PUNISHED BY THE SYSTEM.

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