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小弟買機問題~~~ 唔該幫下手!


1.Canon A710is

2.Fuji F31fd

3.Nikon P5000

小弟試用過a710is, 發現佢回電個度,令小弟覺得有d煩,

雖然用2a電, 但回電個度唔多得, 所以out左呢部~~~

本身小弟係無諗過p5000, 都係因為位好朋友介紹.

睇落好似係想挑G7機, 而價格比好似唔錯!

得返f31 同 p5000

f31優點係...高iso表現好 + 電力好




1. 防手震 vs 高iso, 你會點決擇? (去飲喜酒個情況下)

2.人地話nikon機,save相好慢, p5000 有冇呢個問題?

3. f31 同 p5000 有冇 a710is 回電慢個問題?

4. p5000 高iso 表現一定無f31咁好, 但接唔接受到?

5. 如果係你, 你會點choose???

thanks a lot !

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    1. 防手震 vs 高iso, 你會點決擇? (去飲喜酒個情況下)

    高iso is always the pick for me. 手震 happens at 1/80s shutter speed.

    in 飲喜酒, if you use flash, meaning enough light, you don't even need IS.

    IS only needed during LOW LIGHT, or shutter speed or exposure time MORE than 1/80s ....

    if you do not use flash, 高iso is really needed, since not enough light ... if you want to take a shot at 1/80s ... f=5.6, you need ISO 800 for sure ...

    防手震 only needed in low light and LONG LONG ZOOM like 200mm+

    2.人地話nikon機,save相好慢, p5000 有冇呢個問題?

    Yes, nikon proconsumer is always not fast. BUT who is taking shot that fast with a P&S ... if you need continous motion, you need a DSLR anyway. 3 frame per second is acceptable in a P&S ... decrease the quality (MP or size) of the shot will reduce the saving time. The saving time is long is because of LACK OF INTERNAL BUFFER (Fast RAM)

    3. f31 同 p5000 有冇 a710is 回電慢個問題?

    I don't think so, especiall f31 ... it is a improved/advanced version of the famous f30 ...

    4. p5000 高iso 表現一定無f31咁好, 但接唔接受到?

    acceptable, but p5000 image is just average, and focus system is very slow,

    and however, for f31 high iso and easy handling. It is a consideration of course.

    I answered you in 1. HIGH ISO PERFORMANCE is more important in this

    standard zoom camera.

    5. I will pick f40 fd, since it is newer ... but still need to wait :)

    also FACE DETECTION is a very important technology, and Fuji P&S focus system is very very accurate... it takes time, but it do the job very smart with trials ...

    hope all help.

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  • 1 十年前

    1. 防手震 vs 高iso, 你會點決擇? (去飲喜酒個情況下)

    飲喜酒情況下,因要用flash,P5000 有熱靴配外置閃燈,肯定臝一條街。平常用途下,vs 光學防抖肯定好過 high iso,成本及机械複雜程度高很多,影video亦可應用到。如果影快速移動主体則高iso勝一籌。


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