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1. rise is intransitive ; raise is transitive. Give examples.

2.Go and ask the sales how much it costs? Why is this wrong?

3.List some of the things you spend.

4.Stress behaves differently when it is a noun and when it is a verb. Which one is followed by on?

5.Success/ succeed/ successful. Which part of speech is each ? Give examples of use.

6.What can follow suggest?

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  • 1 十年前

    The sun rises in the east.

    The stock has been rising since Monday.

    Scientists are raising awareness of global warming.

    My boss raised my salary last month.

    英文無Sale屎架, 加多個哥哥姐姐響後面啦

    Go and ask the sales person how much it costs.

    Spend vacation - I spent my vacation in Paris

    Spend money

    Spend time

    Noun: Weight-lifting is putting stress on my back

    Success (n) - Do you want to achieve success in life?

    Succeed (v) - Do you want to succeed in life?

    Successful (adj) - Do you want to have a successful life?

    pronoun -

    I suggest you to study harder.

    I suggested that students should study harder.

    noun -

    Please do not suggest things that are obvious

    Scientists' data suggest global warming.

    preposition -

    What would you suggest to fix this problem?