Universities in Australia

Could anybody tell me which universities in Australia (include those universities in Group Eight and not in Group Eight) are good in providing education programmes? I plan to go there in July. Thank you very much for your help!


I am interested in the programmes: Bachelor of Arts (English) and Bachelor of Education. Thanks!

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    This table shows the 2005 standardised rankings from the quantitative survey conducted by the Melbourne Institute into the international standing of Australian universities.

    First 8 top universities are in Group Eight:

    (The number following the university name is the ranking score)

    Australian National University 100

    University of Melbourne 100

    University of Sydney 93

    University of Queensland 87

    University of New South Wales 84

    University of Western Australia 77

    Monash University 75

    University of Adelaide 70

    All other universities:

    Flinders University of South Australia 55

    La Trobe University 55

    Macquarie University 55

    University of Tasmania 54

    Murdoch University 53

    University of Newcastle 53

    University of Wollongong 53

    Curtin University of Technology 50

    Griffith University 50

    University of New England 50

    Deakin University 49

    James Cook University 49

    Queensland University of Technology 49

    University of Technology,Sydney 47

    University of South Australia 46

    RMIT University 44

    University of Canberra 44

    Southern Cross University 41

    Swinburne University of Technology 41

    University of Western Sydney 41

    Victoria University 41

    Charles Darwin University 40

    Edith Cowan University 40

    Central Queensland University 39

    Charles Sturt University 39

    University of Southern Queensland 38

    University of Ballarat 37

    Australian Catholic University 36

    University of the Sunshine Coast 32

    University of Notre Dame, Australia 29

    Just personal opinion, don't take those unis below the RMIT University 44 because they are low quality and standard.

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    u can do a double degree(BA/B.education)in university of sydney

    u got a wide range of choices(subjects) in BA as well

    資料來源: studying in Usyd