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匿名 發問於 教育及參考書小學及中學教育 · 1 十年前

A summary of the book "kidnapped"

Can you all give me a summary of the book ~~ " kinapped"?

It is very important , please give it to me as soon as possible.

Thankyou for your kind attention !

2 個解答

  • John
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    The central character and narrator is a young man named David Balfour (Balfour being Stevenson's mother's maiden name), callow but resourceful, whose parents have recently died and who is out to make his way in the world. He is given a letter by the minister of Essendean, Mr. Campbell, to be delivered to the ominous House of Shaws in Cramond, where David's uncle, Ebenezer Balfour, lives. On his journey, David enquires to many people where the House of Shaws is, and all of them speak of it darkly as a place of fear and evil.

    David arrives at the House of Shaws and attempts to gain entry. His uncle mistrusts him and seems mentally unstable. Ebenezer is also miserly, eating only "parritch" and ale despite his large amounts of money. He offers David a gift of forty guineas to increase the trust between them, and then asks David to get a chest from the top of a tower in the house. David is forced to scale the stairs in the dark, and realizes that not only are the stairs uneven, but that they simply end after several steps and fall into the abyss. David thus realizes that his Uncle was planning to kill him so as not to have to give over his inheritance.

    David confronts Ebenezer, who becomes silent and again mysterious. A boy arrives the next day, Ransome, who tells Ebenezer that Captain Hoseason of a brig, the Covenant, needs to meet him to discuss business. Ebenezer takes David to the Queen's Ferry, where Hoseason awaits, and David makes the mistake of leaving his Uncle alone with the captain while he visits the docks with Ransome. Hoseason later offers to take them on board the brig briefly, and David complies, only to see his uncle returning to shore in a skiff and to be struck over the head by a sailor.

    David awakens bound hand and foot in the hull of the ship. He becomes weak with sickness and one of the Covenant's officers, Mr. Riach, convinces Hoseason to move David up to the forecastle. Ransome, the cabin boy on the Covenant, is abused and mistreated by another officer, Mr. Shuan, who later kills him. David is repulsed at the crew's behaviour, and later learns that they have been ordered to sell him into slavery in the Carolinas.

    David takes over as cabin boy, and the ship strikes a small boat from France. All of its crew are killed except one man, Alan Breck Stewart, who is brought on board and offers Hoseason a large sum of money to land in Scotland and drop him off. David later overhears the crew planning to kill Alan and take all his money, so he warns him, and the two barricade themselves in the round house where they fight off the crew. Alan kills Shuan, and David wounds Hoseason. Five of the crew are killed.

    Hoseason has no choice but to give Alan and David passage back to the mainland. David tells his story to Alan, and Alan explains that the country of Appin where he is from is under the tyrannical administration of the Red Fox, a British official who in fact is a Campbell, Colin Roy of Glenure. Alan vows that should he find the Red Fox, he will kill him.

    The Covenant soon becomes caught in a reef during a storm, as they attempt to load the skiff and escape, David is cast overboard by a wave and washes up on what he believes to be a solitary island, but after five days realizes that with the tide out he is able to walk from the island onto a second large island, Mull.

    Once there, he learns from a Scottish man that Alan has survived and has instructed David to go to Torosay. David has two encounters with beggarly guards, one who attempts to stab him with a knife, and another who is blind but an excellent shot with a pistol. David soon reaches Torosay where he is ferried across the river and receives further instructions from Alan's friend Neil Roy McRob, and later meets a Catechist named Mr. Henderland, who ferries him onto the mainland.

  • 1 十年前

    Kidnapped is a fast paced story of murder, politics, history and friendship. It follows the travels of the young David Balfour, as he travels from his home village to the outskirts of Edinburgh to meet his uncle, and start to make his way in life. His uncle, however, betrays him and David is taken forcibly aboard a brig bound for the Carolina's and a life of slavery. His luck changes when he meets Alan Breck Stewart, a Jacobite hunted by King George's troops, who's boat they hit on the voyage. Alan and David fight their way free in the teeth of a raging storm and end up deposited alive but separated on the West coast of Scotland. They then begin to make their way back to the city of Edinburgh to clear their names. This is no easy journey, as they play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the English troops searching for them. Eventually they make it back to the city, where they meet trusted allies and right the wrongs that brought them together.

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