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    I know exactly what to do, because I had this experience.

    If this happened day time. First, tilt your head with the ear has the fly up, inject a few drops of oil (any kind of oil -- olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.) Wait for a moment, cover the ear with a piece of tissue, and turn your head sideway, the fly should come out with the oil.

    If this happen at night. Turn off the light, so it is very dark. Then turn on a flash light, and point to your ear. The fly will come out.

    DON'T ever try to use a Q-tip, it will push it in even more.

    If you tried these methods, and the fly still in your ear, then you have to go to the doctor.

    資料來源: my experience
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    call some people to help you

    If the fly didn't die, you have to call the doctor.

    and don't use your fingers put in your ear

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    死=see doctor

    資料來源: meself
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