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    Address for company


    Name and address of the

    person/company you are

    apologizing to

    Dear company name OR Mr/Mrs/Ms………

    This is a letter to inform you of the slight problem that had happened within your recent order. There is a problem on the receipt you received, where only four of the products you ordered were printed on it, it missed out one that also means the price on it is incorrect. There will be a new, edited receipt sent to you as soon as soon as possible with the right data printed on as well as the right price.

    Furthermore, for one of those five products, you have ordered the 51 of it and only 50 were sent. If you would like the one we missed out by mistake to be sending, please inform us by call or fax and we will send it to you as soon as we can.

    Please forgive us for our mistakes and thank you very much for having this business with us, I hope we will have more business between us in the further and have a chance to prove we learn from our mistakes and I guarantee nothing like this will ever happen again in the further.

    We apologies for the inconvenience we caused once again.

    Sincerely yours,


    2007-04-02 01:27:21 補充:

    The first sentence for the first paragraph would probably be better like this...We are very sorry to inform you of the slight problem that had happened within your recent order. # i hope this helps you. good luck with ur job.