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我今年19歲, f.7, 考完a-level想做starbucks,

1, full time每個月有幾多日假? 請假係咪好麻煩 (因6月要行畢業典禮&放榜)

2, 可唔可以做3個月full time之後轉做part time?

你認為我同佢講做part time定full time好?

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  • 1 十年前

    May I carify something? Canada's situation is DIFFERENT from HK's.

    Being a barista in HK, it can be either FULL-TIME or PART-TIME.

    1. 一星期有至少一日假. For the first-year Full-time partners (staff), we have 1 day-off (RD) every week. Besides, we can enjoy the 12-day labour holidays and 7-day annual leaves. (One day added each year on the annual leave afterward.)

    For Part-time partners, our pay is counted by working hour (excluding meal-time).

    請假唔麻煩. Our working roster is unfixed. next-week roster is scheduled on this-week Thu-Sat. So if you have some special requests, you can drop down and let manager arranges for you. Usually, he/she will give you RD on your special day.

    But i have to remind you that we have to work in morning shift, noon shift and night shift, depending on sotre's operation.

    2. 可以做full-time後轉做part-time. Changing from full-time work to part-time work is possible. I knew someone who also did like this. In contrast, it is possible to change from part-time to full-ime also.

    Give you some understanding, we have classroom training on the barista stage for 41 hours within the first 3 months for full-time partner. For part-time partners, since the working available time is various, it is difficult to define for you.

    ~~ To be honest, it opens/ is going to open many branches recently. It requires many partners, no matter part-time one or full-time one. The most important is your PASSION in work. (說實話, Starbucks現在不斷擴充發展,需要大量人手,只要你見工時顯出你對工作/咖啡有熱誠,相信請你的機會率不低.最緊要是你覺得份工啱你.)


    (我們第一句mission statement是Provide a good working environment and respect each others.***

    希望你OK啦. ^^

    資料來源: myself - Starbucks Management Trainee
  • 1 十年前

    at starbucks, part time is for barista, which is a beginning position.

    full time is for managers, and shift superviors

    so no matter you want to be full time or part time, they are going to make you a part time first, because you have to start working as a barista.

    but when you go to the job interview, tell the manager that you're available for a full time job and see what the manager say.

    You can become full time after 3 months or more,

    full time has about 8 days off every month, so it's about 2 days off everyweek,

    if you are not able to work, you can always tell your manager 2 weeks before the event, if you are sick, you can call in the store or something.. it's a good job.

    I worked there around one year already, i love it, so good luck

    資料來源: I'm a barista from starbucks (canada)