can some one help me??

我要一篇eassy關於waste pollution 一定要用english~thx alot !!!!!

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    Solid waste pollution is caused by dumping unwanted and untreated waste on the land.

    Sources of land pollution      

    1)Industrial and commercial waste :       

    Factories and commercial firms have to get rid of a great many waste products. There is much illegal dumping of industrial waste , which pollutes the land.      


    Although Hong Kong is tider than many other major cities , litters is still a major problem. People leave bottles ,cans ,cigarette ends, plastic bags and lots more in public places. Go to any beach at the weekend and you will see a great of litter.      

    3)Domestic waste:      

    People often dump domestic waste on any spare ground, This is unsightly. It also creates a breeding ground for rats and other pests.


    Because there is always construction taking place in Hong Kong there is a lot of waste material. This has to be disposed of.

    Effects of land pollution

    The increasing amount of solid waste and its disposal have become a serious environmental problem , leading to visual pollution ,public health hazards, and water and air pollution.

    With the growth of the population and the wider use of 'throw-away' bottles and cans, the problem of litter and waste spoils the beauty of our environment .In addition , the discarded solid waste , if untreated, will decay, producing bad smells and polluting and the sea.

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