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請問以下高球常用的英文怎樣翻譯: 謝謝

1. greens

2. fairways

3. par four /par-four holes /par-four 18th

4. water handicaps

5. dogleg holes

6. tee shots

7. play-off holes

8. putting greens/ fast greens/ pitching greens



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  • 1 十年前

    Non-golfer please don't try to answer this question

    1) 果嶺 - area for putting the ball into a hole

    2) The area lies between tee zone (tee shot area) and the green

    3) par 3/4/5. A hole that should have been finished in 3,4 or 5 strokes. Only par 3/4/5 exist in golfing

    4) No such word "water handicaps" there exists "handicaps" or " water hazardous" in golfing

    5) dogleg - the landscape of fairway is turning left or right. just like the shape of a dogleg

    6) tee shot - first stoke / shot at every hole

    7) sudden dead. If the game is tie after 18 holes. Play a play-off hole to determine who is the winner

    8) putting green = green. pitching green?? pitching is a technique of approaching to green.

  • 1 十年前

    1. 綠色(greens)

    2. 航路(fairways)

    3. 標準四/標準-四洞/標準-四第 18(par four /par-four holes /par-four 18th)

    4. 加水給障礙( water handicaps)

    5. dogleg 洞(dogleg holes)

    6. T字注射(tee shots)

    7. 延長賽洞(play-off holes


    8. 果嶺/快速的綠色/鋪地石綠色 (putting greens/ fast greens/ pitching greens )