"apply junior secretary"

I'm Philip,a graduate of associate degree of the university of Hong Kong. My major is Airport Operation and Aviation Logistic.

After viewing information about the position and it has totally impressed me by your excellent reputation. I would be a part of growth of Jewellery Company in the future.

I offer general computer knowledge in MS Excel,Word Processing.I am very organized,motivated and committed to reaching above and beyond expectations.




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    你係要application letter嗎?!

    Job Application for Junior Secretary

    Dear Sir,

    Referring to XXXX(邊度知道請人), I am writing to apply the post of juniro secretary and pleased to submit full resume for your kind consideration.

    I graduated from University of Hong Kong with an associate degree in Airport Operation and Aviation Logistic.

    (After graduated from HKU, I have been XXX....如你有工作經經驗就講埋)

    For my merits, I am a organised and motiviated person. (再加以解釋) And my hoobies are XXXX.

    (I am capable of general computer knowledge, like MS Excel, Word, etc. 其實一般哩D野都係o係resume度講,不過如果你想講可以o係度寫)

    My main reason to apply this job is due to the reputation of your company. I believe that it iwill be very challengeing to work in such a big company.

    I am enclosing a brief resume. I have great interest in this job and to be affiliated with your organization. If my application is considered favorable, I shall be pleased to furnish you with further details in attending an interview at your convenience.

    I look forward to replying from you soon.

    Yours Faithfully,

    (your name)