Can you help me to write a composition ? ( urgent ) (please)

THe title is : Once in your life, you leave home on a vacation. What are you going to do and where are you going to go? At what age would you make such a trip?

(200 words)

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  • 1 十年前

    I am dreaming to go to Beijing, the capital of China. I have already decided to visit there after I have completed Form 7. At that time, I will be around 19 and will be mature enough to take care myself independently throughout the journey. Also, it is a good time to get some different life experiences before going to work or further study.

    Now, Hong Kong has already reunion back to China. It is a good idea to visit our capital city in order show the sense of belonging to our country. First of all, I will visit the Great Wall, which is the only building we could see from the moon. Then, I will go to visit the Royal Palace Museum where traditional chinese architechure and tons of antiques is well present in front of us as well. Finally, I am dreaming to taste the famous traditional food overthere like Beijing roast duck, dumpling, etc....

    In order to get my dream to come truth, I could start the preparation from now on. I have to start to save up my pocket money for the journey. Secondly, I have to learn Mandarine, which is the official language speak in China. It might take a couple of years before I could saved enough money and acquired sufficient language skill to fullfill my travel dream.

  • 1 十年前

    You could start with....

    Today is my _______(Your age) birthaday, i have planned for a trip to ___________(the place).......

    You could say how eager you wanted to go to a trip by yourself

    You could talk about the place you are going, how it is like, what is so special that makes you want to go there, What scenery spot you want to see when you go there, briefly describe about 1 or2 scenery spots there...

    There are loads of things to write...