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我想問有無人知道有關史迪仔的知料in Engilsh plz!!!!

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    Is about a Hawaian little girl and an outside outer space monster story, five year-old little girl Lilo because the parents pass away, then and 19 year-old elder sister elder sister Nani is bound by a common destiny, because the age small small loses the parents, Lilo therefore individuality a little strange, not only has the dispute with other same age girl, and also frequently in order to some minor matters are spiteful with the elder sister elder sister. Day she has adopted a dog and names is Stitch, but their sisters ten thousand ten thousand had not thought Stitch actually is not the ordinary dog, he unexpectedly is six feet outside star monsters! Is dangerous biology which a illegal experiment makes, is exiled on the way harnesses the outer space shuttle to escape, only then descends the Earth. In order to hides the identity on the Earth, Stitch shrinks falsely two feet on fits out a dog, therefore on is selected into by little girl Lilo her beloved puppy, however, on the other hand the alien discovered the dangerous the monster ran away, sends out to capture immediately, must the outer space monster grasp this outside!

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    An extra-terrestrial mad scientist named Dr. Jumba Jookiba (voiced by David Ogden Stiers) is imprisoned for illegally experimenting and creating creatures to cause chaos and destruction. His latest experiment is Number 626 (voiced by Chris Sanders): a cute, little, blue alien who is deceptively strong, fast, intelligent, destructive and indestructible.

    On his way to a penal colony, 626 escapes and crash lands on the small Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi, on Earth. Masquerading as a dog (but looking more like a koala), 626 is adopted by a little girl named Lilo Pelekai (voiced by Daveigh Chase) who is living with her 19/20 year-old sister Nani (voiced by Tia Carrere) after their parents died in a car accident. Lilo is lonely and a bit of an outcast until she finds a new friend in 626, whom she names "Stitch." She treasures a doll (which she made herself) named Scrump and a photo of her family.

    Lilo tries to teach Stitch to behave using Elvis Presley and his music as a model for good behavior. Despite Lilo's somewhat successful attempts to modify Stitch's behavior, his destructive tendencies make life difficult for everyone, especially Nani. Since they are constantly being monitored by a social worker, former Central Intelligence Agent and currently interplanetary diplomat Cobra Bubbles (voiced by Ving Rhames), Lilo is at risk of being placed in foster care if their living conditions do not improve. Nani is attempting to provide a stable home environment for Lilo by finding steady employment.

    Making matters even more difficult for Lilo and Nani are Jumba Jookiba and Galactic Agent Pleakley (voiced by Kevin McDonald) attempts to capture Stitch. After their failure and subsequent dismissal, a shark-like alien named Captain Gantu (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is assigned to capture Stitch. After Captain Gantu captures Lilo by accident, Jumba and Pleakey manages to capture Stitch, but they are stopped by Nani after she finds out that Stitch shows emotions of 'ohana, which means family and that nobody gets left behind or forgotten. She pleads Jumba to save Lilo from Gantu, and he reluctantly does so.

    Eventually, Stitch runs rings around Gantu, laughing all the way, and managed to save Lilo. The Grand Councilwoman appears on the beach and would arrest Stitch, but becomes reluctant to do so when she sees that he has reformed into a civilized creature. Lilo, prodded by Cobra Bubbles, presents her certificate of adoption which makes her Stitch's owner, causing the Grand Councilwoman to release the little creature. Stitch's sentence to life in exile provides a loophole; he is now in Lilo and Nani's care as his warders.

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