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? 發問於 旅遊亞太地區中国 · 1 十年前

最早的環島大陸通 - 太子== 深圳寶安國際機場

I will have early flight on 深圳機場 at 0830.

so, please share your "experience", which 班次 is better?

*0530(特別班次)?still available now?

or 0640??

Becoz the web site said that it takes 3 hrs from 太子 to 深圳機場, it seems overestimate.......confusing...



sorry, just feel bit more confusing, becoz those answers are totally different idea. One person suggested me take the 0530 special time, however the phone number he/she provided is wrong......while another person suggested take taxi from Lo Wu.........

2 個解答

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    1 十年前

    Due to your depature time is 08:30 From Shenzhen Aiport, so I suggest u must choose take at 5:30 (for special time).

    How long : estimate 2 ~2.5 hours..

    price : $90 / person

    destination : 太子維景酒店 (前京港)

    Remark : u should buy this ticket before 1 day from depature date. For example, your schedule is March, 28. then u must buy this ticket on or before March 27.

    Pls go to the following address :

    Address : 364 Portland street, Prince Edward. Kowloon

    Telelphone : 23641111

    Hope the above all information can help u a lot.. ~!

    2007-03-26 16:21:59 補充:

    I have already asked from their staff, And sure have the above special time of bus to Shenzhen Airport.

    2007-03-26 17:49:40 補充:

    (2) u must be take the special time (05:30). otherwise, u can't meet your flight schedule. And sorry for my wrong typing, corrcet telephone number : 23361111 instead of 23641111 (3) Finally, the staff of 環島大陸通 told me that arrive time (Shenzhen Airport) is near 8:00AM.

    2007-03-28 09:59:20 補充:

    hope the above information can help u a lot !

    資料來源: myself
  • 1 十年前

    我都試過深圳8:30機, 仲要係年三十, 勁多人

    我唔清楚仲有冇5點幾個班車, 但係我估就算有都唔好坐, 因為一miss左就冇車。(因為係要去到皇崗轉車的). 你又要等人過關, 間公司話得3個鐘, 我估最快都要2個半鐘。咁你都mun mun 地。

    我上一次係去到羅湖坐的士, 我6:15去到紅磡, 7:10到羅湖, 7:40去到機場。去到羅湖可能因為太早, 或是年三十, 平時右手面好多的士的地方冇車, 咁我行入去地鐵入面的士站, 包的士(130全包)。記住包的士時講好價同埋要佢行高速。唔好打錶, 打錶司機會兜路, 仲慢