Bartok's musical style

I want to know Bartok's musical style, e.g.using night music.....

Can you make your answer in the point form?

Thank you very much!!

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    melodies- based on pentatonic ,whole - tone, modal, or irregular scales, regular diatonic and chromatic scales

    chords - from triads to combinations of fourths, sometimes adding dissonant major or minor seconds, sometimes seconds are piled into clusters.

    music style- tonal, based on fundamental key center, sometimes obscured by modal or chromatic means, or both at once.Percussive piano style. The quartets are full of arresting sonorities, in some of which multiple stops, glissandos, different types of pizzicato, and col legno play a part.

    keys - sometimes writes on two or more simultaneous harmonic planes(polytonality)together

    Examples: Mikrokosmos

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    - folk music of Hungary with asymmetrical rhythms in modal style - use of quarter tones and syncopations are often seen

    資料來源: Donald J Grout, A History of western Music
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    -folk music of Hungary


    -asymmetrical rhythms

    -use of quarter tones

    -exploited different sonorities and instrumental effects


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