please help me!!

please help me!!

Complete the following table.

Find out their(Noun,Verb,Adjective,Adverb)

1different(this is Adjective)

2suggest(this is verb)

3ecide(this is verb)

4beautiful(this is adjective)

5invitation(this is noun)

6believe(this is verb)

7die(this is verb)

8comfortable(this is adjective)

9decorate(this is verb)

10agreement(this is noun)

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    x= do not exist

    1) different

    Difference: Differ: Different: Differently

    2) suggest

    Suggestion: suggest: suggestable*: X


    Decision: decide: decisive: deciisve ly

    4) beautiful

    Beauty: X: beautiful: beautifully

    5) invitation

    Invitation: invite: X:X

    6) believe

    belief : believe : believable: X

    7) die

    Death: die: dead: deadly

    8) comfortable

    Comfort: comfort: comfortable: comfortably

    9) decorate

    Decoration: decorate: decorative : X

    10) agreement

    Agreement: Agree: agreeable:agreeably

    ***there is another ajdective ``suggestive''; however the meaning is totally different. Suggestive means implying. It usually acommpany with ``of''.

    2007-03-25 09:11:03 補充:

    It is the matter of English grammar. I think you put it wrongly into Male and Female Relationship la.Anyway, hopefully it is helpful to you^^!

    資料來源: my knowledge + yahoo dictionary
  • 1 十年前

    1different (這是形容詞)

    2suggest (這是動詞)

    3ecide (這是動詞)

    4beautiful (這是形容詞)

    5invitation (這是名詞)

    6believe (這是動詞)

    7die (這是動詞)

    8comfortable (這是形容詞)

    9decorate (這是動詞)

    10agreement (這是名詞)

  • 1 十年前

    Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb

    1. Difference, Differ, Different, Differently

    2. Suggestion, Suggest, Suggestive, Suggestively

    3. Decision, Decide, Decided, Decidedly

    4. Beauty, Beautify, Beautiful, Beautifully

    5. Invitation, Invite, Inviting, Invitingly

    6. Belief, Believe, Believable, ---

    7. Death, Die, Dead, Deadly

    8. Comfort, Comfort, Comfortable, Comfortably

    9. Decoration, Decorate, Decorative, ---

    10. Agreement, Agree, Agreeable, Agreeably