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須留意MTR 及其全寫各個詞的第一個英文字母均為大寫,方能代表香港地下鐵路的意思。

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    方便 Convenience


    Has fixed time schedule and speed. Would not be affected by traffic congestion.

    .載客量高 High Passenger Capacity


    Each compartment can carry more than 100 persons. This can subtantially relieve demand, even helps to cope with extra passenger load brought about by large-scale events.

    .價錢便宜 Low Price


    Mass transportation system can attract large amount of passengers, so naturally the price can be brought to come in line with the need of the general public.


    Basically, the underground railway refers to the " Mass Transit Railway " ( " MTR " ). As suggested by its name, it refers to the underground railway system.


    Therefore, you would notice a lot of the MTR stations located underground, including Shek Kip Mei, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mei Fu etc.


    Nevertheless, some stations such as Kowloon Bay, Kwai Fong, Tsuen Wan have their stations on the ground or above the ground. Actually, the original intention of building the MTR is for providing greater transportation convenience to the people living in the city area, since at that time, a lot of people were located there.


    If the road network is to be improved, then a large quantity of buildings have to be pulled down, so the stations built in the city area or the adjacent areas are all built under the ground.


    But some of the stations, when constructed, were located close to industrial areas or undeveloped areas, so the cost was relatively inexpensive.


    **So move the MTR station to the ground or over the ground. But as the government began to develop new towns, the MTR will also develop branch routes there.


    Therefore the government will grant land to the MTR, who will also move the lobby onto the ground, since this will reduce costs. Because of moving the lobby to the ground, a roof will be established. The MTR will even develop properties there.

    須留意MTR 及其全寫各個詞的第一個英文字母均為大寫,方能代表香港地下鐵路的意思。

    Have to note that MTR and every word in its full name has to begin with capital letter. Only when put in this way can it represents the underground railway in Hong Kong.

    Hope this would help.


  • Jackie
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    It is convenient

    Have specific time and speed, the influence that will not be blocked up.

    The handling capacity of passengers is high

    A calorie of trains can carry more than of about 100 people , can dredge many persons , can deal with even more

    Some large-scale activity crowd brought.

    The price is cheap

    The collective transportation system can attract a large number of people to take , the price is all right naturally


    The subway refers to ' the subway way ' basically, as its name suggests refer to the railway systems of the ground bottom, so you will find that many subway stations will be at the ground bottom, including: Stone Xia end , Tsim Sha Tsui , Mobil ,etc.. But it is impracticable that some stations all place the station on the ground or a station such as Kowloon Gulf , sunflower are sweet-smelling , Quan gulf ,etc., it is the convenience making the person in urban area get the traffic to in fact build the original meaning of the subway, because there are a lot of persons who lived there at that time. If want to improve the road network, must dismantle a large amount of building , so the subway station built the urban area or nearby is the ground bottom.

    But some nearby while building of subway station is the factory district or the area not developed yet, so the price of land is relatively cheap. Bring the subway station up to the ground or impracticable, but begin to develop the new town with the government, the subway will also develop the new branch line there. So the government will allocate the land for the subway , the subway also brings the hall up to the ground , because will reduce the cost in this way. Because put the hall on the ground , so will present a top cover, the subway be will even develop the property in this placing .

    The first English letter that must look out for MTR and write each word completely is capitalized , can represent meaning of the Hong Kong subway way .


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