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    夏桀既英文名: Jie of Xia

    夏朝的英文名稱: Xia Dynasty

    桀的英文名稱: Jie


    King Jie (Chinese: 桀; pinyin: Jié; Wade-Giles: Chieh) was the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty of China, and is blamed for its fall.

    Jie of Xia, his given name is Gui(癸).

    He got his throne in the year of Renchen(壬辰), and his capital was in Zhenxun(斟鄩), same place where Tai Kang lived.

    In the 3rd year of his regime, he built a tilt palace(倾宫).

    He destroyed the pyramid of Rong(容台). There were a rebellion from the Feiyi(畎夷) people after they entered Qi(岐), which is close to Fen(邠).

    In the 6th year of his regime, the Qizhong(歧踵戎) people sent envoy to Xia.

    In the 10th year of his regime, the five planets shown on the sky together, there was also a Meteor Shower.

    Earthquake happened, and the river of Yi(伊) and Luo(洛) dried.

    In the 11th year of his regime, he called all his vassals, but Youmin(有缗氏) did not come, so he sent army and conqured Youmin.

    In the 13th year of his regime, he moved his capital from Zhenxun to Henan(河南).

    This is the first time he invented Nian(辇), as shown in the picture, as he was carried by people.

    In the 14th year of his regime, he sent troops to Minshan(岷山).

    He found two daughters of the King in Minshan, called Wan(琬) and Dan(琰), not married, very beautiful, so he renamed them as Zhao(苕) and Hua(华). He abandoned his original wife Meixi(妹喜), and built a pyramid on top of the tilt palace for them to live.

    In the 15th year of his regime, the Shang vassal moved their capital from Lu(履)to Hao(亳).

    In the 17th year of his regime, Shang sent their minister Yinyi as envoy to Jie.

    In the 20th year of his regime, Yinyi returned to Shang and met Ruhong(汝鸠) and Rufang(汝方) at the North Gate(北门).

    In the 21th year of his regime, Youluo(有洛) people had an corrupted king and their power became declined. The army of Shang defeated Youlluo, led by Tang(汤). Then Shang attacked Jing(荆), and later the Jing people surrendered, Tang awarded them with cattle.

    In the 22th year of his regime, Tang of Shang came to worship Xia, Jie Imprisoned him at Xia pyramid(夏台).

    In the 23rd year of his regime, Tang was released, and most other vassals of Xia came to visit and Comfort Tang.

    In the 26th year of his regime, Shang conqurred Wen(温).

    In the 28th year of his regime, Kunwu(昆吾) attacked Shang. Shang gethered other vassals in Jinghao(景亳). Then Shang conqured Wei(韦), and then sent army to Gu(顾).

    The Grand Historian of Xia, his name is Zhong Gu(终古), Escaped Xia and ran to Shang.

    In the 29th year of his regime, Shang army conqurred Gu(顾).

    In October, winter, Jie digged a river to pass through the moutain of Qu(瞿山).

    In the 30th year of his regime, the moutain of Qu(瞿山) collapsed.

    He killed his minister Guan Longfeng(关龙逢).

    Nature Disaster happed at Linsui(聆隧) in winter.

    In the 31st year of his regime, Shang sent troops from Er(陑), to attack Xia and Kunwu(昆吾) at same time. Shang conqurred Kunwu.

    The big battle happend at Mingtiao(鸣条) between Xia and Shang, in heavy thunder storm.

    Xia Army was defeated, Jie escaped and fleed to Sansheng(三朡).

    Shang followed Jie to Pi(郕) led by general Wuzi(戊子), and captured Jie at Jiaomen(焦门). Later Jie was release in Nanchao(南巢).

    Xia dynasty ended.