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    Enclose auspiciously in Kintian

    Brief introduction : Kintian of bright in the east of yuan wide countryside area, here have one old village of name enclose - auspicious to enclose. Enclose auspiciously for more than 500 years

    History, its ancestor Deng remote ancestor Deng agree with association come here settle down when Northern Song Dynasty, it is quite all for descendants to multiply later on, benefit this village of the building of about A.D. 1400

    Enclose for clansmans to live. It is square , 100 metres long that the village encloses, it is about 90 metres wide, inside is home rooms arranged together. Until Kang Xi Year of Qing Dynasty

    Stealing for the defence, the robber has built a firm city wall with the blue brick all around, four mao has blockhouses, there are moats outside the wall , highly defend

    Resist the building of function . Enclose several in the same village in the district of Kintian, if enclosed , enclosed , encloses grandly, celebrates enclosing etc. safely forever in the south in the north, but by enclosing it the most auspiciously

    Intact, and visit open.

    But, a lot of visitors visiting here all have a kind of feeling, it is here that has already been overly visited and melted. As soon as come into the gate , can see two

    Several shops which traffic the souvenir where the side arranged neatly, women inside, in order to attract the tourist's attention, the black member of a nationality putting on the performance and using specially

    Clan clothing, and is promoting souvenirs to visitors constantly. As for the feeling of the household while enclosing in the village, leave different from its old and outmoded appearance,every

    The equipment of a family is all analogous to the novelty and modernization. If someone expects to see the old rural conditions and customs of New Territory here, should be probably greatly disappointed


    As for that iron gate of the entrance , have also left one section of little interludes in history. 1899 years (Britain leases for second year in New Territory), auspicious residents that enclose

    Resist to is it take action to lease Britain firmly , the sanguinary battle take place with Great Britain army. Angry Englishmen attack with the cannon, seize this iron gate and take back London, do it in order to win

    Souvenir of the profit. 1924, through putting forward the request returning the iron gate to Britain constantly in Deng's family, old site of the carriage return safely at last of iron gate. This

    A historical incident was once made into a film, was analogous to and welcomed in Hong Kong.

    Taking bus No. 51 from the bus master station of Quan gulf subway station, the stone reach Kintian in about 20 minutes. It is all right to get off to go ahead for about five minutes in the terminus

    Have seen the auspicious wall that enclosed of left-hand side. The entrance is just in the left side of the end of the wall.

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    Introduction: Kam Tin is located in the vast agricultural region in the eastern side of Yuen Long. Here lies a famous ancient village encompassed by walls -- Kat Hing Wai. Kat Hing Wai has a history of over 500 years, settled by the distant ancestral founder Tang Foo Hip during the Northern Sung period. Later the clan of the Tang people flourished, so around the year 1400 a village was built at this location for villagers to live in. The layout of the village is rectangular, with a length of 100 metres and a width 90 metres. Inside the village are tidy rows of houses. In the Kan Xi period during the Qing dynasty, walls made with bricks were built on the outskirts of the village to keep away the bandits. The four corners of the walls had fortresses with canons, and around the perimeter of the walls was a moat. All these were all highly protective architectural designs. In Kam Tin there are a few other similar villages encompassed by walls such as Bak Wai, Nam Wai, Wing Lung Wai, and Tai Hing Wai, yet only Kat Hing Wai is the most consummate and open to visitors.

    However, everyone visiting this place arises an identical feeling that tourism is being overly exploited. Once walking thru the gate, one can see a few souvenir shops lying on each of the two sides in an orderly fashion. And to attract the attention of the tourists, the village women intentionally put on their black traditional clothing and constantly promote the sales of souvenirs. And speaking of the feeling of the homes inside the villeage encompassed by walls, it is totally different from the ancient appearance of the village. The facilities in every household are very new and modern. For those who seek to see the ancient life of villages in the New Territories, they may become very disappointed.

    There is a little historical episode regarding the iron gate at the entrance. In 1899, the second year Great Britain rented the New Territories from China, the people of Kat Hing Wai adamantly resisted such acts of the British and battled with the British soldiers. Infuriated, the British attacked the village with canons, snatched the iron gate and brought it back to London as a souvenir of victory. By the request of the return the iron gate made by the Tang clan, the gate at last safely arrived back to its old location in 1924. This historical event was once made into a popular movie in Hong Kong.

    To get to Kat Hing Wai, you can take Bus 51 from the Tsuen Wan MTR station. You will arrive in Kam Tin in about 20 minutes. Get off the bus at the last stop and walk straight for 5 minutes. You will then see the walls of Kat Hing Wai on your left. The entrance is located on the left side at the end of the walls.

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    The Jintian auspicious encircles


    Synopsis: Jintian is located east Yuen Long's broad countryside region, here has a famous ancient village to encircle - the auspicious to encircle.The auspicious encircles already for more than 500 years

    History, its ancestors Deng remote ancestor Deng Fuxie in Northern Song Dynasty when comes this to settle down, afterwards the descendants multiplied quite numerous, was advantageous for about 1400 to construct this village

    Encircles lives for the clansman.The village encircles assumes the square shape, the length 100 meters, the width approximately 90 meters, inside is a flickering uneven arrangement home.To Qing Dynasty Kangxi Dynasty

    In order to defend the robber, the bandit all around was using the blue brick to build a firm city wall, four jiao also had the artillery building, outside the wall and have the moat, has guards against highly

    Imperial function construction.Encircles in the Jintian area same village also has several, like north will encircle, south encircles, forever swells encircles peacefully, celebrates encircles and so on, but will encircle by the auspicious

    The integrity, and opens the visit.

    However, very comes this visit the tourists all have one kind of feeling, was here already too the view actinic.As soon as enters the entrance, may see two

    Side neat arrangement several trade the souvenir the store, the inside woman in order to attract tourist's attention, especially puts on the black people who the performance uses

    The race clothing, and unceasingly sells the souvenir to the tourist.Encircles the house feeling in as for the village, then is completely different with its ancient obsolete appearance, each

    The family equipment quite is all novel also the modernization.If some people anticipated saw in here New Territory's ancient village character and style, probably needs to be greatly disappointed



    As for entrance that leaf of iron gate, has also left behind the section small interlude in the history.In 1899 (England rented New Territory's second year), the auspicious encircled inhabitant

    Resists England to rent the motion firmly, has the bloody battle with the British armed forces.The angry English with the cannon attack, seizes this leaf of iron gate to bring back to London, does for the victory

    Advantage souvenir. In 1924, after the Deng family after England proposed unceasingly returns the iron gate the request, the iron gate returns to the former site finally safely.This

    The historical event is cranked once up the movie, quite receives welcome in Hong Kong.

     Rides the 51st bus from the Tsuen Wan underground station bus main terminal, 20 minutes stones arrive Jintian approximately.Walks forward in the terminal landing approximately five minutes, may


    Saw nearby the left hand the auspicious encircles wall.Entrance on terminus wall left side.


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