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PF 發問於 科學及數學天氣 · 1 十年前

全球暖化問題 ... 真的能解決嗎??

全球暖化問題 ... 真的能解決嗎??

即使轉用再生能源... 再生能源可以供應到足夠既電嗎??

人類能夠停止不再用紙嗎? (否則還是要伐林)

種樹.... 速度追得上伐林嗎??

人類能夠不再用汽車? 空調? (所有會排放二氧化碳既野/greenhouse gas)

總結以上... 我覺得解決暖化是不可能... 只能說... 減慢吧???

到底係咪真係解決到?? 定係好似我咁講.... 解決唔到?

最終會世界沒日? (唔計其他導致世界沒日既因素)

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    if you are talking about developing re-newable resources in Hong Kong, it is possible that not enough electricity can be supplied as it is not particular windy, or sunny in Hong Kong and we do not have a massive pound either.

    we can use recycled paper instead of using brand new paper but of course this will cost you alot. but this can slow down the rate of deforestation. also, people are more tend to use the computer now so we should not need as much paper as we used to. however, this will increase the use of electricity and you will need more fuel. this is obviously going to produce more air pollutants as using re-newable resources would not be able to supply us enough energy and so it is a cycle. and so some countries try to introduce the nuclear power but it is very dangerous and cost so much to set up.

    i know that some countries are now trying to encourage people to use cars that is ran by using battery instead of burning fule, using diesel or petrol...etc...

    air-conditioning is not very common in some of the countries. but it really depends on which country is it.

    you are right that at the moment we can only say, we slow down the rate of global warming. but there is no prove that you can't solve it in the future as you wouldn't know what they will be doing in the future, or what they invent either.

    if it is not solved, the temperature will obviously goes up and then it will suddenly drops to a very low temperature. have you seen the film ' The Day After T*r'?? this film is actually talking about global warming.