SH-60B SEAHAWK直升機的资料

SH-60B SEAHAWK直升機的资料



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    SH-60B Seahawk

    The SH-60B "Seahawk" is a single main rotor, twin-engine helicopter, manufactured by the United Technologies Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft Division. The helicopter has a 20deg tractor-type canted tail rotor, a controllable stabilator, conventional fixed landing gear, emergency flotation, an external cargo hook, a rescue hoist, and bomb racks for carrying and launching external stores. In addition, it is equipped with a flight-rated auxiliary power unit, a sonobuoy-launch system, an anti-ice system, a fire-extinguishing system, an environmental control system, an automatic flight control system (AFCS), a single-point pressure refueling system, a helicopter in-flight refueling (HIFR) system, and the necessary avionics and instrumentation for instrument flight and mission accomplishment. The helicopter design is compatible with ships equipped with a recovery, assist, securing and traversing (RAST) system, and the main rotor blades and tail pylon can be folded for storage. In addition, the helicopter can operate on non-RAST equipped combatants and a variety of other naval ships.


    The overall aircraft dimensions and clearances are:

    Folded Length (rotor/tail pylon)------------------40 ft 11 in.

    Rotor folded length (pylon flight position)-------53 ft 3 in.

    Length overall (rotors turning)-------------------64 ft 10 in.

    Fuselage length-----------------------------------50 ft 0 in.

    Height--------------------------------------------17 ft 0 in.

    Fuselage width-------------------------------------7 ft 9 in.

    Folded width -------------------------------------10 ft 7 in.

    Main rotor diameter-------------------------------53 ft 8 in.

    Tail rotor diameter-------------------------------11 ft 0 in.

    Ground clearance--------------------------------------11.2 in.

    Turning radius------------------------------------41 ft 7 in.

    Clearance for 180'--------------------------------84 ft 0 in.