shipping clerk 的求職信

想各位幫幫手...我想寫一求職信呀, 我要想in shipping clerk 呀

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    Apply :

    Personal Particulars

    Name: 0

    Date of Brith: 0

    Age: 0

    Sex: 0

    Nationality: 0

    Place of Brith: 0

    HK ID Card#: 0

    Marital Status: 0

    Mobile: 0

    Address: 0

    Working Experience

    Name of CompanyJob TitlePeriod

    Company size :

    Job Duties: - Arrange, Control and monitor shipment schedule for import and export merchandieses

    - Contact with forwarder and transportation companies

    - Communicate with buyer (Shipping Dept)

    - Prepare CO, export/re-export license, quota or any certificate or declaration

    base on country / LC requirements

    - Full set handle of banking document including inward and outward bills

    - Responsible for coordinate with HK office & China office (Shipping Dept)

    - Travel to China

    Report to :Director

    Follow Brand name : Ralph Lauren , Jones New York , Liz , Banana Republic , Old Navy , Gap , May Co,

    Landsend, Tommy Hilifger, Victoris Secret, Ann Talyor ( USA Customer )

    Agnes b, Joseph, Galeries Lafayette, Pringle, Hugo Boss, Marc Cain, Giorgio Armani,

    Valentino, Golf House ( Europe Customer )

    Market :USA + Europe

    Company size:

    Job Duties: - Follow full set shipping document independently ( Licence , CO, 8AB , Bank documents )

    - Contact forwarder

    - Send shipping adv to buyer

    - contact our merchandising team closely

    - meeting with China factory and forwarder directly

    Report to :Shipping Manager

    Follow Brand name : Target , JC Penney , Wal-Mart

    Market :USA

    Company size :

    Job Duties:- Follow full set shipping document independently ( Licence , CO, 8AB , Bank documents )

    - Contact forwarder and clients

    - contact our merchandising team closely

    Report to :Shipping Supervisor

    Follow Brand name :

    Market :

    Company size :

    Job Duties: - Follow full set shipping document ( Licence ,CO,8AB, Bank documents and outdoor work)

    - contact driver to arrange the shipment

    Report to :Shipping Manager and Director

    Follow Brand name : Ivy , Moller & Company

    Market :USA + Europe

    Company size :

    Job Duties:- outdoor and indoor work ( Office Asst)

    - Typing , email , telex , fax ( Telex/Fax Operator)

    Brand name : Eddie Bauer , Guess ...

    Market :USA + Europe

    Educational Background

    Name of SchoolLevelPeriodCourse / Examination Taken

    From To

    Others Skills

    Language :Cantonese , English

    Skill :Typing , Email , Excel , Words

    Date of Availability :

    Expected Salary :

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    Cover Letter Sample



    Phone numbers


    Mr/Ms Full Name,


    Company Name,


    Dear (correct name of contact),

    I wish to apply for the position of Shipping Clerk as advertised in The Age on October 2004. The job reference number is 123456.

    I have enclosed my resume to provide you with an overview of my experience and training. I have 10 years experience working in shipping industryand a solid commitment to this important customer service field. My most recent position has provided me with two years supervisory experience as team leader of 20 staff.

    I wish to build on my achievements and take on a management position in this area.

    I would be very pleased to discuss my application further with you at your convenience. Please contact me at the above address so that I can provide you with any additional information you may require.

    Yours sincerely,