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有幾條英文作文題目, 幫手唸唸point plx...一百萬個thx!!!

有立場(agree/disagree/partly agree)同3-4個point就可,唔一定要題題答晒,答得最多題而見解獨特者,就會被選為最佳回答。thank you for your help!

1. Keeping a pet is a good experience for both the owner and the animal. Do you agree?Give reasons.

2. Cigarette smoking in restuarants should be banned. Do you agree?Give reasons.

3. If you had a choice, which one would you prefer, to study overseas or in Hong Kong? Give reasons.

4. "Learning with computers is better than learning with books." Do you agree?Give reasons.

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  • 1 十年前

    1. I am partly agree with this statement.First,keeping pet can help you build up your responsibility since you have to take care of your pet.Second,when you are alone at home,you can talk and play with your pet in order to fill up your space.

    2.I disagree.Since the government restricted the areas of smoking,lots of people smoke on the street or around the rubbish bin.Everytime I walk on the street,there is always some people smokign around me and this makes me frustrated.If the government remained the policy that restaurants are divided into smoking or non-smoking areas,I think this is better than now.Because those people whose like smoking can sit together and this won't disturb the non-smoking guys.

    3.I prefer to study overseas.In the foreign countries,you can learn the cultural and their lifestyle over there.Also,the teaching style in foreign countries is different from Hong Kong.As you have been studying in Hong Kong for several years,this is a great chance to wide your eyesight.

    4.I agree.Nowadays,many people,no matter childen,adults or elderly,are learning computers.Therefore,computer is very important in our life.Computers provide a wide range of functions,such as Internet.We can find any information on the Internet and it is fast and easy to use.But if you want to find some data from books,you may need to spend more time to search for the right books and read it at least once.By using Internet,you can screen the useless information,but not for books.Moreover,computers are more interactive and interesting than books.