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Doctor, physician & medical practitioner

What are the differences between "doctor", "physician" and "medical practitioner"?

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    in general, these three terms are interchangeably used

    they all can refer to those ppl with a medical degree and licensed to practise medicine

    be precise, there are some minor differences:

    doctor means someone who has a medical degree and licensed

    if you are the patient, you also call somebody "doctor" (but not physician or medical practitioner)

    and you also call those who possess a PhD or other doctoral degree

    physician, to be specific, means somebody working in the field of internal medicine, usually somebody who finished his/her specialist training (6-year postgrad)

    sometimes it can also refer to other specialists who prescribe drugs (e.g. paediatrians)

    but you rarely, if ever, call a surgeon or an orthopedics surgeon or even a gynecologist a physician

    medical practitioner just simply means a medical doctor, somebody who practise medicine (and hopefully licensed)

    just a more proper term, it is usually used in formal documents

    it specifically means doctors, and not nurse, or other allied health specialist

    on the other hand, at some circumstances, it can also mean those working in the field of Chinese medicine, if specified so

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    doctor是俗稱, physician才是在醫院或醫務所的醫生的正確名稱


    而medical practitioner是指從事醫療業的人員

    資料來源: 本人是物理治療師, 歡迎來信